We are like the private school system for your Physical & Mental Health & Fitness transformation


FitPros C.U.R.E. for dis-ease


You get 10-12 Live Training Sessions per week. This means you will have personal programming and direct interaction with the fitness professional to fit your needs and schedule

You get unlimited access to hundreds of hours of on-demand training. So if you can't make the LIVE events, you can choose from hundreds of on-demand pre-recorded sessions to do when you want

You get private access to our mentoring and coaching group. This means direct access 24/7 to our fitness professionals and others participants pursuing the same goals as you.

You will also get training from all 8 unique and internationally certified instructors. This allows you access to more than 100 years of experience across multiple disciplines, so you can be sure to find an answer that's right for you.

We also will include Group LIVE Q&A Sessions. With these, you get to have your specific questions answered in real-time by all 8 fitness professionals. This is like having 8 personal trainers available anytime you need them.