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Lifter Lifestyle Habit coaching

Turn small changes into big results.


How habit coaching changes personal training.

Empower yourself to be 1% better every day by using LIFT Academy's digital training app and unique habit tracker to help you practice on a daily basis. Track your progress, celebrate your success, and achieve your goals one small change at a time. Discover how doing daily habits can create powerful results over time especially when combined with expertly crafted training and nutrition plans from your LIFT Academy coach!

Healthy habits start here.

To help you dive headfirst into habit coaching, we've put together a collection of small but important habits you can begin to practice, that we can seamlessly integrate into your program. There are four categories to choose from: Active Lifestyle, Nutrition, Sleep, and Mindfulness, plus custom habits we can tailor just for your needs! Discover how to make healthy habits part of your training. 


How the 50/50 Lifter Lifestyle challenge works

Each person is assigned 3 habits that will be loaded in their dashboard from the digital training app.  These habits are in the areas of recovery, drinking more water and eating the recommended amount of protein each day.

Each person will track/check off the habit upon completion. This is 100% based on the honor system, so if you say you did it, and you didn't, then you know you're only hurting yourself. The app will track your streak (days in a row you successfully completed the habit) as well your overall percentage.
The challenge will run for 6 weeks. At the halfway mark we will add 2 additional custom habits for each participant that you will create on your own. 
Winners will be all individuals that have completed more than 80% consistency / completion for the 6 week duration across all habits. As well as posted weekly in the private group under the challenge topic thread (#LL2021).You will need to post something about your habit journey weekly. Such as, I struggle with the protein and recommendations, or I have implemented my own stretching routine; here are some of the stretches I do /enjoy. This will be used to select the winners at the end of the challenge.
The 50/50 jackpot LIFTER Loot prize will be split evenly amongst all winners .

 Challenge will start Sunday 10 Jan 2021.  All participants must have payment and registration completed  by 8 Jan 2021.