We are like the private school system for your Physical & Mental Health & Fitness transformation

The LIFT Academy is a training center located in Phnom Penh that focuses on the holistic self-development journey. We believe that living a life that is fulfilling and meaningful requires you to operate at your maximum capacity. This requires a healthy body and a strong mind, and the LIFT Academy will help you cultivate both.

We are a results-guaranteed training facility. This means our sole purpose is to ensure you succeed and get the results you are looking for to help you achieve your impossible. You are not just another gym membership number or a daily entry access dollar value. We focus on small group personal training and ensuring each person gets the proper hands-on guidance and instruction necessary to get results. 

We are no more qualified than any other certified/accredited personal trainer or coach. We have international accreditation through ACE, FEA, and Precision Nutrition; however, these are just stepping stones in the longterm fitness journey for each of our LIFTers. We take these pieces of information as well as our daily pursuit of growth and development from other authorities in the health and wellness spectrum, and we package it together into small digestible content to deliver to our LIFTers. Then we revise review and repeat, to ensure you are always progressing and implementing the habits and discipline that will enable you to LIFT daily for many more years to come.

You should train with us if:

- You are not happy with your current routine, or you feel you are not progressing as you should.

- You enjoy small group training and professional programming

- You like the idea of a money-back refund and results guaranteed

- You enjoy strength training with minimal machines and equipment

- You want to test drive heart rate monitored training

- Your current group class or boot camp doesn't have any structure, and you want to experience programming and progressions in your fitness.

Currently, we are priced competitively with similar group training style facilities in the area. We average around 85$ per month for our results guaranteed training package. You can check our website for details of what is included with the package.

Click here for our In  person training at the academy

Click Here if you prefer to train independently at your own facility

We will be open from 5 am - 9 pm, seven days a week. These hours will include pre-slotted small group personal training as well as the open training available to all LIFTers. We program supplemental goal-specific training to assist in your holistic development and to work alongside the small group training. For more details on availability check our training schedule : https://liftacademypp.com/pages/schedule-class-time

We are located in Toul Tompoung 1, South of the Russian Market. Near the Super Duper and Domino's Pizza at the intersection of St 480 and St 145. You can click the google map link below: https://goo.gl/maps/NgKW6X9VcEirRh6y7

We like the idea of how the acronym team stands for Together Everyone Achieves More. It's similar to the African proverb of "If you want to go fast, go alone if you want to go far go together.' And sports, in general, are an excellent metaphor for how we try to model our lives. In a team, each person has a unique role and skill; they try to become the best. But it's with the group that this skill shines the brightest. You need the entire unit working together cohesively to succeed. And regardless of the outcome, you can still feel good because you know that you gave it your all, and so did your teammates. This is where a team captain and a coach can help ensure the ideology and mindset that, sometimes you win and sometimes you learn. A coach is responsible for maintaining an overview of the development of the team and making sure they are moving forward towards their goal. The captain connects with each player and leads by example and carries the team if necessary. 

They do indeed! We have a male and female locker room with showers (hot and cold water), daily use lockers, and toilets.

 The next PowHER Up Games is scheduled 31 Oct 2020. It will be the PowHER Up X-games. More details can be found in our facebook event here: https://web.facebook.com/events/3277016852336770

You can find a detailed overview of the refund process here. However, the short description is that at any time during your training at the LIFT Academy, you may cancel your membership, and we will refund the unused portion of your membership. Additionally, if you follow the results guaranteed training protocols and do not improve in the pre-agreed upon areas at the end of 90 days, we will issue a refund for your full 90-day membership fees.

At its core, it is just the expected cultural and behavioral norms of the LIFT Academy put down in written format. In application, the culture code helps guide the entire organization from the top-down and the bottom up. By setting clear expectations for its current and future employees as well as clients and customers, and it provides a platform in which everyone is given a voice to call out and address bad behaviors in a safe, constructive way. You can view the current Culture Code here.

Our head coach (Shannon Vital) is internationally accredited with the ACE organization for personal training, and Nutrition Coaching through Precision Nutrition (ACEPN). In addition to more than 20 years of combined experience in areas such as Martial Arts instruction, Military Physical Training Leader, and boot camp instruction.

We will be hosting various giveaways and prizes each month to help inspire and incentivize the values and culture we feel are at the core of being a LIFTer. Discounts and free swag for supporting fellow LIFTers, strength gains, achieving your goals, sharing your journey with others, etc. Additionally, we will be hosting monthly seminars and workshops to cover the holistic coaching aspect such as Nutrition, meal prepping, proper form, how to spot correctly, and much more.

We are currently looking at a maximum of 12 people per class and will focus more on 8-10 for most sessions.

We have approximately 135 sqm of training space 

Our facility will focus on functional training equipment with a minimalist approach. Power racks, barbells, kettle bells, sleds, power bags, slam balls, wall balls, and battle ropes

We will try to keep groups to precisely three members, all with similar fitness levels and goals. The reason for this is because we will be using the standard scientific approach for work rest ratios to build maximum strength and muscle growth, and stimulate fat loss when proper nutrition protocols are adhered to. What this means is in the three-person group, person A will be exercising, person B will be spotting/assisting, and Person C will be waiting / watching, learning, and observing. After person A's work set, around 30-60 seconds of activity. Person C will move to the working set; Person A will set up the weight for person C and move to the spotting position. And lastly, Person B will be resting. This means each person will have 30 seconds - 60 seconds of activity, 30 - 60 seconds of light activity where they are spotting, and 30-60 seconds of rest. This cycle will repeat for the duration of the training. 

Group heart rate training is our solution to ensuring each person is operating in their specific zone necessary to see results. Everyone has different physiology and athletic prowess, this means we need to ensure each person is training at just the right amount of intensity not to be too easy or too difficult. Each LIFTer will get a fitness tracker to wear, that will display their current heart rate and will color code it based on their specific maximum heart rate and the training zone for that session.

- Bootcamps typically focus on explosive high-intensity exercises that use lightweight or bodyweight as the form of resistance. Group training classes can be similar but might also introduce more technical or compound lifts that utilize barbells or various functional tools as well. Also, in both the traditional group class training and the Bootcamp variation, all participants are working out simultaneously. Lastly, both of these approaches have a one-size-fits-all type of model. Meaning the instructor selects the workout and exercises, and regardless of your individual goals or experience, you do the prescribed exercises just like everyone else.

- The LIFT Academy differs in several ways; firstly, we have a maximum number of LIFTers that may participate in a session. Allowing coaches the ability to oversee the execution of the training is being done correctly and safely. Secondly, LIFTers are placed into small groups of 2-3 people per group. This allows one person to train, one to spot/assist, and the other to recover before the next set. This work-rest ratio allows for the primary focus of strength and muscle growth to be facilitated. Lastly, and most importantly, LIFTers are grouped by goals, training experience, and fitness levels. This means the training you are doing is always 100% tailored to precisely what you want, nothing generic or scaled to fit the general population of the class.

Currently, all classes will be instructed in English. You must have a conversational understanding of English to participate. We will be looking to expand our course offerings and workshops as well as seminars into Khmer and Chinese in the future.

All of our programs are backed by science, and our coaches use a combination of the NASM IFT and ACE ACT model if you are not familiar with these industry standards, no worries. Just know that you are in good hands, and without science-based approaches to training, we would not be able to guarantee results. Additionally, every single LIFTer will be given access to our training app, where they will track and record their specific training every only time they train. This ensures each LIFTer is operating at a maximum range to promote growth and avoid plateaus. Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes, and if you are not tracking your training, you have no idea what to change.


Mostly yes:

- All requests for memberships to be put on hold must be made through an email. No FB message, WhatsApp, or in-person applications will be accepted! All holds, pauses and extensions will be valid at the conclusion of your current training program / period. They are not eligible for refund if you decide to terminate early.


- If you have experienced an injury or an illness that lasts for more than seven days, we can put your membership on hold until you recover. Just send an email and request your membership to be placed on hold.

Work Travel

- If you are out of the city for more than seven days for work, you may ask for a membership hold. It would help if you asked in advance with specific dates.


- If you are traveling for more than seven days for vacation, you can request a hold as well.

Yes, LIFTers can drop-in for a Bootcamp class and or sign up for the 2-week trial class. If you require more than two weeks for training, then we would suggest the monthly package or longer if you're available. No previous experience is necessary to drop-in to our Bootcamp program or the 2-week trial. The trial session will focus on the fundamentals of training and programming.