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I wanted to gain muscle because I didn't feel comfortable in my skinny body. But all the attempts I did, didn't work. So I thought my body is not designed that way. I felt helpless and clueless. I didn't feel good in my body and was looking up to women with a fit, muscly, curvy body. I wanted a body like this so bad, but it seemed impossible to me. I often felt upset about it.

When I found LIFT Academy, it immediately gave me the feeling that I am cared for by somebody who knows what they are doing and who has a solution to my problem. Suddenly gaining weight didn't seem impossible anymore. The most impactful things I gained from the support at LIFT Academy was confidence, knowledge/competence, care, and support. I started to see an increase in weight very soon after starting, and since LIFT Academy also checked my body fat, my Coach practically showed me that I was gaining muscles, not just fat. I also started to see a strength increase. In general, I began to get more confidence with the exercises. Even though I knew them before, I realized that I had done a lot of them incorrectly.

Now I feel I am more the person I aspire to be. I always felt drawn towards fit people, like people in books or movies who work out the whole time, for whom fitness is an integral part of their life, and they can't do without. I always wanted to be like them, but I never felt I got to that level. Now, I work out all the time, even during holidays, and share my workouts with others to inspire them. It is a profound, amazing feeling to be this person that I always dreamed of being. Also, I feel a lot better in my body because my body now really radiates fitness. I am muscular and look strong, and other people notice. I am known now as a fitness person :)



When I discovered LIFT Academy, I actually pulled the trigger very quickly because it seemed right for me. But I would tell my former self that it is one of the best things I can do to invest in my dreams and my health and that I shouldn't be afraid that I am spending too much money. This is for my dreams, after all! Another thing I would tell myself is just to try: don't be so indecisive, pull the trigger, and try it. I can always change later if I don't like it. Inaction is one of the biggest killers of my dreams!