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LIFT Academy Online Training Band Camp - Bands included


Need a home-based training solution?

Are you on a budget?

Gym memberships are expensive, inconvenient and may not be available when you need them.

Want something that scales and grows alongside you?

Training from home you need weights that continue to challenge you and help you develop strength and lean muscle mass.

Want to avoid the hassle of heavy, clunky non-portable dumbbells or kettlebells?

Buying a set of dumbbells or kettlebells limits your exercise choices and the weight you can use.  You've just purchased a set of limitations, congratulations.

How about a solution that is superior to a gym in many ways?

Depending on your gym, there may be pieces of equipment that are not available or broken, or in use when you train.

Any of these questions sound familiar?  Well, we have a solution that eliminates all of your issues and constraints surrounding home-based training, and offers a slew of additional benefits!

I am here to tell you that you will love the versatility and hassle-free use of our resistance bands and online programming platform because you are going to get in amazing shape with affordable workout equipment that is easy to use and progresses with you.

Bodyweight home-based training is inferior

Most home-based programs use bodyweight exercises and let's face it those are just boring and repetitive. The whole reason you go to a gym is because of the diversity of equipment and range of exercise selection.  We wanted to ensure you had that exact same experience with our bands.

Additionally, bodyweight exercises are very difficult to scale and see progress, this is another reason the gym is a fun place to train. Being able to add 2.5kg to the bar or select a heavier dumbbell, or move the weight pin selector is a feeling of accomplishment.  Sadly this is missing from most home workout programs, as you get stronger your options are doing more reps, or progress to a more difficult version of the exercise that you may not be ready for.  

Dumbbells & Kettlebells do not scale & lack portability

What happens when you decide to move or travel or stop using your newly acquired heavy-duty equipment?  You're stuck with it or try to sell it, you definitely can't put it in your carry on.   This is once again where resistance bands are superior, the entire set can fit easily into a carryon bag and weighs less than 1kg. Talk about convenience and portability.  Try taking 80kgs of kettlebells or dumbells with you!

Our 90-day program will include:

  • 20 Piece Resistance Band Set - 80kgs scaleable resistance - $110 value
  • 90 Day Access to our Digital Training App  - $375 value
    • 90 Days online programming with exercise videos and description
  • Custom Nutrition Coaching tailored to your goals - $150 value
  • Monthly giveaway for free bonus coaching - $100 value
  • Live online group training workouts - $75 Value
  • Progress checks, assessments for body fat, strength, gen. health, etc - $50 value 
  • A private group for additional coaching, motivation, and Q&A
  • Weekly mindset coaching classes *the body achieves what the mind believes
  • Discount for training partner add on * each person gets their own app access
  • More than $800 worth of Value!

Save more than 500$


As a beginner or an expert exercise enthusiast looking for a more effective workout, this versatile set will empower your training for faster and more effective results!

*Bonus* The bar attachment can turn your resistance bands into the popular TRX Rip Trainer!  That's 100's of bonus exercises without the $200 price tag


To get your money back all you need to do is simply ask for it and do the 3 steps below.  

1.) Complete 80% of the workouts (this is tracked in the app)
2.) Fill out a quick survey at the end to help us understand where we can improve
3.) During the 90 days, post 2x per week in the private group.

That may seem like a lot to get a refund but it is our way of ensuring your level of accountability and help us help you create sustainable healthy lifestyle habits.  We can't guarantee your results with online training, but we can definitely help put systems in place to guarantee you get the most value from our training.  

*note you can literally track/complete the workout without actually doing the workout, you can also post a single word or sentence in the group and all of this meets the eligibility for a refund.  At the end of the day, you can get all of this training for free, and lie about what you've done and got your money back. Or you can actually do it, get results to change your mind and body, and decide at the end that you would still like your money back.  Our goal is to change your mind and body, and we do that through challenges, you can't spell challenge without change!


View a copy of the online refund policy here