We are like the private school system for your Physical & Mental Health & Fitness transformation

Why LIFT Works

Unparalleled health and fitness knowledge


As an accredited and certified personal trainer, I have a wealth of knowledge on fitness and nutrition that is both new and unique to the Phnom Penh area. More often than not, in the fitness world, people who have Adonis-like physiques are automatically given authority but lack the education and experience to offer similar results to others. There is nothing wrong with this, and often you can get pretty good results from these enthusiasts that may offer their services at a much lower price; however, in the quest for abundant health and wellness, there is no "one size fits all" approach. Each person's body chemistry, experience, age, gender, access to gym and equipment, schedule, mobility, and lifestyle all have to be factored into the equation to determine what programs work best. With my years of experience and countless classroom and self-paced study hours, I am more than capable of determining what fitness plan will work best for each client.  


The ONE and ONLY


Also, we offer the only strength and resistance goal-specific training in Cambodia. Not only will you learn proper lifting technique and form, but you will also be given the education and empowerment to apply this knowledge everywhere you may go during your travels. Personal training, if appropriately done, should allow clients the ability to train effectively on their own without the need for coaching or guidance. This is why we offer a money-back guarantee, we don't want you to waste your time and money in classes, or with trainers that don't get you results, and don't want to see your progress out of fear of losing income.


Personal training in person and online


All of our goal specific programming will come with our custom digital training app. This means you will have the entire program at the palm of your hand. You will get the secrets of exercise selection, progressive overload training, data tracking, and much more. We focus on being 100% transparent and ensuring you have everything you need to succeed, no hidden agendas or unknown expectations. You will be able to track every aspect of your wellness journey and know first hand what is working and what needs to be changed, and we will be there to help!


Custom-tailored nutrition coaching


We know that no two LIFTers are alike; each person requires their own specific nutritional goals, training frequency, intensity, modalities, and recovery. This is why we afford these custom levels to each person and adjust them as needed throughout your journey to ensure you are getting the absolute best results possible. No more cookie-cutter programs or trainers who copy exercises from social media. Stop putting your time and money as well as your health in the hands of inexperienced and unprofessional individuals.


Routine Progress checks and fit test

All of our programs offer LIFTers measurable “mini-goals” to help keep them motivated throughout their training. In many personal training relationships, the client pays the trainer, shows up on day one, does what the trainer says, goes home and waits to do it again. Then after 4, or 6, 8, or 12 weeks, they hope to see some measure of improvement on the scale or in the mirror. I believe this is a horrible way to approach training. What makes us unique is we will give you an initial fit test, and test dozens of health metrics to determine your baseline. What this test does is show you exactly where you are, so we have unbiased data at the end.


I will then give you a custom test based on areas we agree we want to see improvement based on your goal specific program package. Throughout the program, we will revisit this test and compare your progress. This will give you a clear indicator of not only how you are performing but how to gauge your improvements and see which areas might still be ripe for improvement.


Before and after photos


One of the most absolute best ways to see and measure your progress is with photos. For the most part, pictures don't lie, and when you wear the same clothes, in the same area with the same pose, 90 days apart, it will create the most inspiring weapon in your arsenal. The goal of the LIFT Academy is to empower the LIFTers with the mindset and motivation to discover their best self and live their happiest and healthiest lives. We do not want you to have to rely on our services years from now. Instead, we want to give you the tools to succeed on your own, and it is my sincerest hope that you will spread the knowledge and passion with others