We are like the private school system for your Physical & Mental Health & Fitness transformation


Feel confident in your strong body!

Feel confident in your strong body!

❓Do you dream of achieving your first push-up?

❓Do you want to feel more confident knowing what your body can achieve?

❓But you don’t know how to train correctly to achieve these goals?

We are here to guide you! At LIFT Academy it is our passion to support women to get strong and achieve previously “impossible” exercises.

What does our training include?

  • Science-backed training program specific to your strength-gain goal
  • 3x per week small group personal training
  • Unlimited Open Floor Access
  • Monthly fitness assessments
  • Digital Fitness Journey Training App with all your stats and progress
  • Personalized nutrition coaching to support your goals
  • Custom Meal planning
  • Training in a supportive group of women with the same goal as you


We care about your results. So, if you are unhappy with our training or can’t continue for any reason, we don’t want money to stand between you and your success. We will refund your money, hassle-free.


Specifically women’s strength gain is one of our biggest passions at LIFT Academy because our Team Captain TC has changed her life through becoming stronger and achieving her first pull-up. This is why we love when women gain strength:

  • It empowers you to show up in your life with more confidence
  • It makes you feel great in your body
  • It makes you believe in your own capabilities
  • It helps reduce social stigmas and discrimination against women
  • It has a bunch of health benefits for you like increased bone density, improved fat loss, reduced stress … just to name a few 😉


Are you intrigued but not sure yet if this is the right approach for you? Let’s hear what other women have to say:


Helen V. - A wonderful supportive group. Coach Shannon and Hanna are so knowledgeable about exercise, strength and technique. The weightlifting section of the gym can be very male dominated and intimating. PowerHerful and LIFT Academy want to change that and this group is set up in a very welcoming, supportive and encouraging manner. No matter where you are on your fitness journey these two superstars will be there for you - from "getting started" course, group workouts and setting goals over coffee. I enjoy every meet up, bead of sweat and giggle in-between.


Inga OInga O. - Go for it; it is fun, satisfying and empowering! I wanted to learn how to do weight lifting properly, become stronger and lose weight. It was annoying and unclear how to approach it while living in Phnom Penh. PowHERful under LIFT Academy was a simple weight lifting program that met my needs and was easily accessible, and then it continued through additional sequences, which ended up being channeled and monitored through my phone. After following my weight-lifting program consistently for several months, combined with my cardio workouts and consistent high-protein low carb diet I have begun making very clear and consistent progress. I feel great and it was a very satisfying experience. I have gained the knowledge and confidence in incorporating a systematic weight training program into my range of exercises. Together with proper diet and close monitoring I can stay strong, fit and maintain my ideal weight.


Are you ready to go from unclear and intimidated to empowered, confident and strong? Are you excited to get personalized guidance for your strength gain? Join our community of strong women now!