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Since I was a kid, I have always been known as a "plate-cleaner" who has to finish whatever is left on the plates by other people, such as friends and families (We usually share our meals in Asian countries). This eating habit has posed many challenges in my life, and being overweight is one of them. I tried to learn more about healthy diets on the internet, change this habit, and spend more time working out using a readily-designed program. However, I was not sure if what I was doing was right and safe. Moreover, it is hard for me to stay motivated, knowing I am alone in this, and eventually, I did not manage to reach my goals.

At LIFT Academy, the program is different in that it is personalized to meet each lifter's needs and goals, and our coach is always there to help us and make sure that we do it the right way and stay alive. At the same time, other lifters in the community share the same journey and do not hesitate to hold you accountable for slacking off. The path has become more evident as I can see that I can lift heavier weights, do more intensive workouts, and better control my diet. This is the moment that I know that I am on the right track. Although I haven't reached the point that I set for myself yet, I have become a person who is more responsible for my health now. At the beginning of every week, I am ready to set my own personal targets to help me achieve my goals.

What would you say to someone who was thinking about joining the LIFT Academy

I would say, "Stop doing your research and give it a try." You never really know what the program is like until you are in it.