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I've spent a lot of time in the gym already but didn't get the results compared to the effort I've put in. I added more exercises to my workout plan, so I had to spend even more time in the gym. Lift Academy showed me that there are only a handful of exercises you have to do to get the best results. They taught me how to lift and showed me how to use different muscle groups simultaneously, which means less time in the gym, better results! On top of that, I started tracking my food, so I know I wasn't eating enough protein to gain muscle. I learned diet is essential if you want to see some changes and get stronger.

After one workout, I could feel I did a full-body workout. I'm not training isolated muscles anymore, but my whole body at once. Right now, I go to the gym only three times/week, which is enough to get results. I have more free time and look forward to every workout. I also keep track of my food and try to hit my protein goal every day.

Every workout is a challenge, but you'll get results. So it's worth it!

- Stefanie