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33 Day PowHERful Push Up Challenge

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could achieve your first push-up in the next 33 days?

LIFT Academy and PowHERful Phnom Penh make this happen! 

With our Push-Up Challenge, we guarantee you will achieve your first push-up during the next 33 days - or get your money back! 



Sounds too good to be true? Our core aim is to help you achieve your impossible without wasting time and money. Hence, our programs and our support are carefully tailored towards your specific goal and backed by science. We believe in this so much, that we back it up with a money-back guarantee. 



Regardless of your current fitness level or how your push-ups look, we can guarantee you will be able to do at least one full range of motion push-ups with good form by the end of this program. Many will be able to do multiple reps in a given set.

Our 33-day program will include:

  • Bodyweight only training - NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED! - $100 value
  • Digital training app to track your workouts - $100 value
  • Exercise Library with Picture and Video Content for Each exercise - $50value
  • Habit tracking; sleep, digital detox, mindfulness, protein portions  - $50value
  • Access to our private accountability LIFTER Community- $50 value
  • Progress checks, assessments for body fat, strength, gen. health, etc - $50 value 
  • Custom Nutrition Coaching tailored to your goals - $200 value
  • Portion and serving size guide for future planning
  • Accountability and Motivation from Coach Shannon and Team Captain Hanna
  • Our satisfaction refund guarantee!

 More than $500 worth of Value! Absolutely FREE


Satisfaction Guarantee

All you need to do to be eligible for a refund:

  1. Record your initial push-up as indicated in the assessment
  2. Complete at least 80% of the training days (calculated in the app)
  3. Record your final testing day push-up


Why it works

  1. It is based on scientific principles of specificity, volume, and frequency.
  2. You will focus on training your chest, shoulders, triceps, and core stability
  3. Program is broken up in 6 phases and includes regular progress checks
  4. You train independently at your convenient time and place!


This is why we love push-ups!