We are like the private school system for your Physical & Mental Health & Fitness transformation


30 day LIFTER Lifestyle challenges


It takes only 30 days to see results!

Do you want to lose weight, be more active, build muscle or just feel better? Our 30 Day LIFTER Lifestyle Challenges will be your digital personal trainer to get your whole body toned, fit, and feeling great. Lose weight and feel like the best version of yourself. Reguviainate your lost energy and feel more vibrant. Tone and strengthen those areas you have been neglecting! Start training now!


Your Personalized LIFTER Lifestyle Plan

We have programs for all your fitness goals, and we allow for customization of the exercises, the time frame, and the locations in which you're able to train. Personalize your plan according to your goals, workout duration, and how often you want to exercise.  We remove all the barriers and excuses so you have more time to focus on what matters most... Your HEALTH!


P.U.S.H. Yourself With 30 Day Challenges

Persist Until Something Happens! Transform your body thanks to our unique challenges like the habit coaching for general health and wellness, Booty-full curves Challenge, PowHERful Push-up, and the Bulletproof burpees. Lose weight and build muscle in no time.


Never Lose Track of Your Progress

Thanks to our digital training app, results can be seen in just a few short weeks. As you follow your training plan, you can view your workout history and track the progress made. You can also track streaks and earn badges for new personal best and staying disciplined.  It also syncs with major fitness trackers like Fitbit, Apple Watch and Garmin.

Hundreds of Detailed Video Exercises

We will provide you with the fitness plan that works best for you. Personalize your plan according to your goals, workout duration, and how often you want to exercise. Every training day comes with detailed written and video instruction as well as access to our private community where you can ask additional questions directly to our coaches.


Challenge overviews

  1. LIFTER Lifestyle habit coaching - 

    Perfect start to train the most important muscle, your brain. Focus on small changes that have huge benefits and impact on your quality of life

  2. Get Fit or DieT trying - A great introduction to online training and accountability communities. Perfect for beginners with scalable versions of each exercise, along with daily coaching nuggets for mindset and overcoming challenges.

  3. Active living challenge - Perfect for the extreme beginners with no previous fitness knowledge and sedentary lifestyle.

  4. PowHERful Push-Up challenge -  Achieve your first full range of motion pushup on your toes and hands. Or improve your current total amount of capacity for push-ups

  5. BulletProof Burpees - Lose  2-5kgs in one month, with only one exercise.  This simple yet super effective 30-day challenge will leave you loving or hating burpees when it's done.

  6. Bootyfull Beginnings builder -  Grow your glutes in just 30 days with a strategic plan from the industry experts and leaders in the field. *note* this one will require additional equipment