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Complete Biometric Health Assessment

Ain't Just One Beauty Standard, My Body My Call


  • Know yourself better, be more confident in yourself
  • Love yourself deeper, be decisive in the kind of body you want to pursue


Forget about the beauty standard set by society. You're never too thick or too slim to feel good about yourself. Arboleaf digital Bluetooth weight scale allows you to make your own calls to your bodies by helping you accurately analyze your 14 health metrics. Based on these precise body measurements collected by the arboleaf smart scale, you can then decide which body type you want to pursue and make your own plans: either lose fat first or gain muscle. In this way, arboleaf BMI scales can assist you to find the correct fitness paths and help you to reach your goals much quicker.



Track Every Progress, Analyze Full Compositions


  • Accurately measure even small changes to keep you motivated: Have you ever quit working out just because you fail to see any changes in your body? Don't worry, with high-tech design and innovative App of arboleaf smart scale, every effort that you have made is accurately recorded and tracked. In this way, you will be kept motivated to eventually reach your goal.
  • Precisely analyze 14 body compositions to ensure you stay on the right track: Have you tried to build muscle but struggled hard to see any changes? You probably need to lose fat first to be able to gain muscle quickly. This is why you need BMI scales that can offer 14 body compositions, which allows you to target the right problems and find the right solutions, making your goals be achieved faster than you expected.

Arboleaf Smart App: Smarter Workout, Greater Results


  • One-Minute Setup: arboleaf App of the scales for body weight can be set up within less than 1 minute. Even you are not a techie, you can get the App ready within a few clicks
  • Auto-Sync Feature: this smart App of our arboleaf weight scale can sync 14 body composition data automatically. Without having to mark the changes by yourself, just one step on the scale, full body compositions are analysed and recorded, which brings you joy and convenience
  • Well-Organized Trend: arboleaf digital scales collect 14 body indexes and organize them by week, month and year in graphs automatically. Your effort is intangible, but the App will visualize your effort by providing insightful graphs based on collected 14 body metrics, making it easier to see any changes.


Get your biometric health assessment done every 30 days and ensure you are moving in the right direction towards your wellness goals.  Initial assessment is 5$, and each subsequent assessment is only 4$.