We are like the private school system for your Physical & Mental Health & Fitness transformation

កញ្ញា 01, 2020 1 min read

If you’re looking for a supportive community, a professional team, and a great atmosphere, lift academy is the place for you.

Shannon and Hanna are very passionate and always put a lot of work and effort in making all members feel welcome and help them reach their goals.
The small group classes they organise allow you to focus on your own goals and fitness, whilst also having fun with fellow lifters, who encourage you and help you push your limits.

I started my journey two months ago. Coach Shannon put me in a team with another powerful woman with a similar fitness background and goal. Having a training buddy has helped me keep myself accountable and show up 3 days/week at 6.30am to get the workout done, no excuses! I quit lifting for a few months since Covid, but after just 2 months at Lift Academy, my strength is coming back and I’ve been able to focus much more on my (not so good) form.

The community at Lift Academy is amazing (especially the 6.30am Breakfast Club 🤪). Hanna and Shannon organise fun events, workshops, and group workouts every month, making the Lift Academy a great place to meet new people. It’s amazing to see so many nations represented!

I would definitely recommend joining the Lift Academy. If you’re still unsure, contact Shannon and sign up for their 2-week free trial. You won’t regret it.
- Margherita

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