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សីហា 25, 2020 2 min read


With COVID, it was doubly frustrating as no gyms were open, and I was getting bored of doing the same HIIT or cardio workouts at home, with no access to weights either. Before COVID, I had been to other gyms around PP but felt uncomfortable there or didn't know what workout to do. I wanted to get back to a gym but not didn't want a generic gym membership either. I also didn't want a personal trainer, but at the same time, I wanted to be guided on a fitness plan of some sort. I stopped by the LIFT soft opening event just to check out the LIFT Academy. After speaking to both Coach and TC, I decided to join then and there for six months! I liked the concept of small group training, the Academy itself was FRESH, and their passion and commitment were evident too. 

Nutritional coaching was also included, as well as access to the gym outside of designated gym session times. It was a different concept, and I was excited about the offering. About three weeks into LIFT, something clicked. I became more familiar with my customized workouts and how Coach was trying to keep increasing tension, load, and reps. I understood my small group training partner better, and I was really enjoying myself. Not only that, I realized that LIFT had become a LIFESTYLE. It was exactly what I was after and didn't even know that I had really signed up for that. LIFT small group training allows me to recomposition my body but in a small group setting. I am gaining sustainable strength and also am discovering what nutrition macros work for me.

Even better, the community environment is upLIFTING and the support received from Coach Shannon and Team Captain Hanna is amazing. Our fellow LIFTers are in this together with me, though we each have our own goals and journeys.

LIFT also allows me to be the DJ, and they even enjoy my 80s playlist! :) Now that I'm living the LIFTer Lifestyle, I am enjoying getting up early for my 6.30 am workouts and looking forward to hitting my specific fitness goals of doing a pull-up and correct form push-ups plus seeing my team hit our goals. I have now set my own personal bests in a one-rep max deadlift, and bench press (previously I didn't even know what these exercises even were!) Invest in your health and wellness with the guidance of a trusted Coach and a supportive Team Captain and fellow LIFTers. LIFT is not just a gym; it's an Academy and a LIFESTYLE.

There may be coaches, but at LIFT, there is only one COACH.





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