We are like the private school system for your Physical & Mental Health & Fitness transformation


Results Guaranteed - Small Group Personal Training


Less than 10$!

You get personal training, nutrition coaching, your training academy access, and our custom digital training app for less than 10$ per 75 min training session!  In addition to it being backed by No B.S. Results guaranteed training.


We guarantee you have never experienced group training quite like this before! We are blending all the best aspects of boot camps, personal training, and small group training together for a results-driven experience.  

Gone are the days of showing up to the gym and not knowing what to do.  Or following an instructor at the front of the room, but unsure if you're doing it right.  Or pushing to your max, lying in a pool of sweat exhausted, but unsure if you are actually improving.   

With our Small Group Personal Training model, you will stop the mindless workouts and start training with purpose and results.  And as the name implies if you don't get results we will refund your money!  Show me another facility that is willing to do that!


Select membership options include:

  1. Unlimited Open Floor Acess  ($40)
  2. Digital Fitness Journey Training App ($50)
  3. Monthly fitness assessments ($50)
  4. 3x per week personal small group training ($150)
  5. 2x-4x additional personal training options per week ($15-30)
  6. ACE IFT and NASM OPT hybrid training Program 
  7. Personalized nutrition report to support your goals ($100)
  8. Custom Meal planning report ($30)
  9. Target Heart Rate zone training for every group session ($20)
  10. Meal prep delivery service
  11. Free access to meetups and workshops
  12. 7-14 day detailed meal plan
  13. Supplemental training for posture and exercise form correction ($40)
  14. 6 Pack Promise bonus training ($50)
  15. HIIT bonus training($50)