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Online Personal Training - LIFTER Lifestyle Programs


 LIFTER Lifestyle Programs

This training program is made for those who have access to a gym, or some training equipment and want a well-rounded, comprehensive strength and fat loss training program! 

The LIFT Academy is all about supporting fellow LIFTers to achieve their impossible, and right now, you may be faced with circumstances you feel are impossible to overcome, and that's where we can help.

This program is an introduction to how our online results guaranteed training model works. It will give you an overview of our coaching methods, training programs, nutrition expertise, and our hands-on accountability and personalized coaching experience.

Who is it for?

This program is perfect for those who want to be able to work out on their own time and schedule. It is primarily targeted towards people who are comfortable following video and written instruction for exercises and training modalities.  We want people to use this time to create a new foundation that will serve them long term on their health and fitness journey. Start new habits for food awareness, mindfulness, daily movement, drinking water, etc.

The program comes with access to our app, structured equipment, and or gym-based exercise training options, our personalized habit coaching, and our personalized nutrition coaching pack.  At the end of this program, our goal is to help you determine exactly what level of support and programming you need to achieve your impossible.


All programs will include:

  • Resistance / weight training - $300 value
  • Habit tracking; sleep, digital detox, mindfulness, protein portions  - $150value
  • Training Modalities; HIIT, Strength, Core, Plyo, Circuit, SMR, Etc - $100 value
  • Progress checks, assessments for body fat, strength, gen. health, etc - $60 value 
  • Custom Nutrition Coaching tailored to your goals - $200 value
  • Private access to our Lifter Community - $50 value
  • Weekly interactive Q&A via the app- $50 value
  • Bi-Weekly meetups for in person Q&A- $100 value*
  • Freedom and flexibility to train where and when you want - $Pirceless$
  • More than $800 worth of value in each 90-day package!


Also, all of our programs come with our money-back & refund guarantee!


To get your money back all you need to do is simply ask for it and do the 3 steps below.  

1.) Complete 80% of the workouts (this is tracked in the app)
2.) Have more than 70% adherence to nutrition coaching (tracked in the app)

3.) Fill out a quick survey at the end to help us understand where we can improve
4.) During the 90 days, post 2x per week in the private group.

That may seem like a lot to get a refund but it is our way of ensuring your level of accountability and help us help you create sustainable healthy lifestyle habits.  We can't guarantee your results with online training, but we can definitely help put systems in place to guarantee you get the most value from our training.  

*note you can literally track/complete the workout without actually doing the workout, you can also post a single word or sentence in the group and all of this meets the eligibility for a refund.  At the end of the day, you can get all of this training for free, and lie about what you've done and get your money back. Or you can actually do it, get results to change your mind and body, and decide at the end that you would still like your money back.