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LIFT Academy Massage Ball

Massage Ball

Great for an extreme firm and targeted relief,  the massage ball is an excellent choice, this self-massage tool provides deep tissue massage therapy, as and when required.
  • Athletes, coaches, trainers and fitness enthusiasts with intense muscles problems
  • Athletes, coaches, trainers and fitness enthusiasts who prefer intense compression
  • To be used at home, office, gym or on-the-go

The self-massage function mirrors the pressure of a forearm, addressing extreme discomfort, tightness and intense pains at small areas such as calves, piriformis and pecs.

Ideal for pre-workout warm up or anytime owner requires deep relief, good to be used on any parts of the body. The ball functions best on hard surfaces including floor and wall. TP Factor massage ball is durable, maintains its shape after numerous uses.

For best efficiency, stabilize the ball on hard surface and roll from side to side, or in circles to release knots and kinks.