We are like the private school system for your Physical & Mental Health & Fitness transformation

Hassle Free Meal Plan & Prep



Your complete no-nonsense hassle-free guide for achieving your health and fitness goals by putting great food on your plate, and in your belly, every time you eat.

We take the custom nutrition coaching profile that is tailored specifically for your goals and have the meals delivered to you here at the LIFT Academy.

No more confusion

No more frustration

No more wondering what to eat to support your goals.

We do it all for you and back it with our refund guarantee, why count calories and macros, when you have enough to do as is.  Let our team focus on the details and you just focus on putting in your best effort in each training session and getting a good night's rest. We will ensure you fuel your body with what it needs to not only survive but THRIVE. 

This product is only valid if you have / or are currently participating in one of our small group personal training packages. This includes the 2-week trial. 

All meals will be delivered to the LIFT Academy and available to pick up during normal business hours Mon-Friday.