We are like the private school system for your Physical & Mental Health & Fitness transformation

PowHERful Phnom Penh

Do you dream of feeling stronger and more confident in your body?

Have you ever imagined how great you would feel if you achieved a push-up?

But you never knew how to achieve these dreams?


It is our passion to support you!


Why we do what we do

At PowHERful Phnom Penh, we are excited to support women to feel strong and confident in their bodies! We see strength and confidence as integral ingredients to tap into your full potential in life and encourage others to do the same. Our mission is in our name: Providing Opportunities to Women to Help Empower them to Reach their FUL potential!  

The training, tools and resources we provide are geared towards strength building and mindset development. With this, we encourage women to focus on what their body is capable of instead of what society says it “should” look like. We are passionate about strength training for us, ladies, because it allows us to achieve previously “impossible” things. This achievement creates belief and confidence in our capabilities which radiates to other areas in life. 


 What we do

Gym Confidence Tours and Courses

Paving the way for women to feel confident in the gym through learning how to use the machines and free weights correctly and effectively.


Goal-specific group training

Achieve your fitness goals with personalized guidance and nutrition coaching in a small group environment


 PowHER Up (X) Games

Showcasing the raw strength and beauty that women possess and the community that supports them through strength and fitness competitions



Workshops and seminars

Supporting the mindset development and empowering belief system through training- and goal-specific learning


Providing a space where women can connect over fitness topics and overcome societal stigmas and taboos.



Eager to gain strength and confidence together with like-minded women? Message us here so we can help you get started!


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A message from our Team Captain

I am excited every day to support women feel strong and confident in their body! I know from my own experience how frustrating it is to be unhappy but not knowing how exactly to change it. I felt uncomfortable with being skinny my whole life which made me desperate to gain muscles. But everything I tried didn't work. After years of frustration, I hired Coach Shannon and within months gained muscles, strength and tons of confidence. Since then, I am driven to make such a life change available to other women! I am TC, your Team Captain. 

A message from our Coach

Every day, I wake up inspired and enthusiastic about creating a world where people can look and feel their best without wasting time and money to do so. At Lift Academy, we eliminate confusion and uncertainty and back it up with our satisfaction refund guarantee. We are like the public school system for your personal fitness education.