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septembre 03, 2020 3 min read

How did your journey with fitness begin?

"I was just confused in general about gyms - and I knew that my form was wrong when I did many exercises. I am a very cautious person, especially about injuries, as I would like to maintain my mobility and have had relatives who have had serious injuries. It hurt to see them in pain, so I was always overly cautious. In hindsight, I also now realize just how unstructured and ''fluffy'' my ''routine'' was (if I can call my hit and miss pattern of going to the gym, pushing my self too much, being too sore to go back to the gym for ages, and then not going for a month a routine). "

"I also hated the lack of hygiene on the equipment and premises I would work out in - the rock bottom being when I used a bicep curl machine, only to be given an unwanted parting gift in the form of a boatload of people's dead skin cells as they peeled off of what I had previously thought was the machine padding. "


What was different about training at the LIFT Academy?


"You sign up for exercise coaching on paper when you join LIFT, but it is so much more than that in reality. It is life coaching in disguise. The program is designed so well. It subtly stacks different accountability mechanisms that help keep you motivated, such as a clearly defined program with defined progress steps, the celebration of small wins and successes through the app, an amazing, funny accountability buddy and exercise group (including TC and Coach!) which quickly becomes the best part of the program, and of course peace of mind that you are training with a dedicated and knowledgeable coach who is incredibly invested in everyone's progress and growth journeys, and who provides tips on your form, bracing, injury prevention, and points out how you can improve, as well as running jokes; fantastic anime-inspired costumes and great (sometimes hilariously weird) playlist options. 

I signed up for an exercise program and found a tribe that pushes me to be as strong as they are, it has been so much more than I expected, and I am very grateful. I realized that Lift is also helping me achieve my goals outside of exercise - I am trying to apply the same habit building principles to my wider life, another way the #LifterLifestyle has been enriching my life! The premises are also very clean, well equipped, and full of really useful tools. I have so much gratitude for the Powherful team and the Lift Academy!"


At what point did you notice a change or that things were working?

I realized from the very beginning - when Coach made me aware about issues with my form and quirks of my anatomy - such as my knees being and elbows being hypermobile, or my scapular winging (i.e., my chicken wings). I also realized it when coach would point out my loss of tension during exercises and point out that I got distracted and lost focus, which I noticed in other areas in my life. It really made me trust in the process, and be less scared of getting injured, having a coach who is obviously that knowledgeable, and reinforcing how each person can strengthen their body and address their issues. Also, focusing on my body and building that mind-muscle connection is really helping me relax, and get out of my naturally overactive brain (a perpetual motion machine), and ground myself more in my body. I also realize this daily when I'm able to lift more, push myself more, and see my strength (and that of the whole Lift group) grow and grow. I feel stronger. I feel more grounded in my body. I feel muscles where I wasn't aware there were muscles before. I can maintain a healthy exercise routine :) Waking up early in the morning, too, has helped me focus on my other goals, such as learning guitar. I can practice consistently now, before work, because I have residual motivation :) 


If you could go back in time, what would you say to yourself to help you take the first step in becoming a LIFTER?


I would focus on telling myself that exercise in a gym is only boring because I had no goals, I was unfocused, I didn't know what I was doing, and was opting for what I knew. I would tell myself that doing this would help me to build my strength, but also find a tribe, and redefine what the entire experience of a gym can be - transforming it from just a place to an entire ethos, a lifestyle :) 


- Fatima

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