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novembre 29, 2020 1 min read

"For six months, I didn't exercise. I used to run a lot but wasn't feeling motivated this year. I sometimes went to the gym to work out, but without any social support or accountability, or any particular goal, it wasn't very motivating. I knew that I wanted to exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle but struggled to fit it into my routine and daily life. I started running a couple of times but was not able to keep a routine. I also used an app to use as a gym program but didn't feel very motivated to work out."


What was different about the LIFT Academy approach?


"A dedicated coach, a small group to work out with, a specific program, and an app to track progress provide the perfect combination that keeps me motivated! I enjoy learning how to do different lifts properly in a supportive environment, and fun to see how much progress and heavier weights we can lift each week. LIFT also includes a nutrition program that advises on how many calories and how much protein we would need to meet to support our goals. During the first week, I felt that LIFT was a complete game-changer for me, from one day not doing any exercise to the next really enjoying the program and attending every session, finding the schedule easy to fit into my daily routine. I feel really good after each session and ready to start the day. I've already noticed my body getting stronger and more toned, too, which is a plus! Just go for it."

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