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October 10, 2020 2 min read

I was going to the gym regularly, doing the same exercises which I thought were right for me. I was not gaining any muscle, even after months of training. I also have problems to motivate myself. Or even when I went to the gym, I was on my phone for 5 minutes between every exercise. Even when my wife told me I should eat differently / more to gain muscle, I did not take any steps. When the gyms closed in March, I stopped working out altogether. The most important thing for me is having a coach who motivates you. I never trained with a coach before because a personal trainer is usually too expensive. If there weren't any coach at LIFT, I would have lost my motivation after a couple of weeks. It's such a difference when someone really wants you to push yourself to the limit.

I also want to prove that it's possible to gain muscle on a plant-based diet. I have been tracking my food every day since I started, and every day I met my goal. I started gaining muscle pretty quickly; I felt myself becoming stronger every training. I'm doing exercises I never did before, and I could see the difference in the mirror after a few weeks. I live a healthier lifestyle. I work out at least three times/week, eat only what's right for me, stopped drinking alcohol, ... I'm curious to see what my life will look like in a few months.


If you were to go back in time and give yourself advice on making the decision to join the LIFT Academy what would you say?

I'd tell myself: 'Hey man, stop thinking you can do this on your own because you'll quit after a few weeks. You tried it a lot in the past. You need someone to motivate you and tell you how you have to train and eat. You get a lot for your money if you compare this to other gyms and personal trainers. This is a long-term investment for your body, just do it.'

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